About ViewGuard

In 2006, ViewGuard® was officially launched by Intelligen LLC to meet the security demands of business professionals and travelers. As the first and only competitor to 3M® Privacy Filters, ViewGuard® was created to offer a broader selection of higher-quality products and sizes at more cost-effective prices. Our flagship product, the ViewGuard® Anti-Glare Privacy Filter, eliminated the one-time monopoly of 3M and has caused retail prices for privacy filters to drop by over 50% since 2006. The product instantly became the de facto standard of many public, private, and governmental institutions.

Success with the ViewGuard® Anti-Glare Privacy Filter fueled constant innovation by Intelligen LLC and further development of the ViewGuard® brand resulting in higher quality glare and reflection reducing coatings, better privacy features, and a broader selection of product sizes from mobile phones to televisions. ViewGuard® grew to offer a full line of mobile, tablet, computer, television, and security products for even the rarest computer and television models. Today, the ViewGuard® product line includes privacy filters (anti-glare, anti-blue-light, portrait, and 360o models), screen protectors (available in matte or high-gloss finishes), and anti-static cleaning wipes to best care for a variety of devices and device accessories (with alcohol-free and anti-bacterial components).


Moving forward, ViewGuard® is focused on continuing to innovate and excite, maintaining our position within the industry as a leading device protection and management provider with our best-in-class products.