ViewGuard® 360° Anti-Glare Privacy Filter

ViewGuard® 360° Anti-Glare Privacy Filters provide 360° degree protection from nosy neighbors trying to read your smartphone or tablet screen. Your display is conceled from all angles whether your texting, surfing or e-mailing a friend.



360° Privacy

Safeguard your screen everywhere you go - create a 360° No-Spy-Zone around you. Even if you are in a crowd of people, your screen is visible to you, and you only.


Anti-Glare and Anti-Reflection

Anti-glare matte coating, which reduces glare caused by sunlight and fluorescent lighting. This allows you to use your device in bright settings including office buildings, cafes, parks and near windows.





ViewGuard® 360° Anti-Glare Privacy Filters are resistant to fingerprints and smudges, easily wipe away. Fingerprint resistant coating also maintains a vibrant and crystal-clear appearance to maximize clarity and enjoyment of your screen.


Scratch Resistant

Superior durability and scratch resistance.




Touch-Screen Compatible

ViewGuard® 360° Anti-Glare Privacy Filters are touch-screen compatible and can be used on Smartphones and Tablets.


Edge-to-Edge Design

Precision cut to cover your entire edge-to-edge display.




Value Protection

ViewGuard® 360° Anti-Glare Privacy Filter can help preserve your investment and help maintain its resale value when compared to displays with scratches, nicks or scuffs.


Adhesive Free

Residue-free silicone backing removes without hassle or adhesive.




Trust ViewGuard®

ViewGuard® 360° Anti-Glare Privacy Filters for Smartphones and Tablets are designed and engineered to be best-in-class.

Microlouver Privacy Screen Yes
Viewing Angle ≈±30°
Tinted Yes
Light Transmission ≥65%
Anti-Glare Yes
Glare Reduction ≥90%
Anti-Ultraviolet Yes
Ultraviolet Reduction ≥99%
Warranty Period One (1) year lifetime limited warranty from date of purchase. Effective after February 1, 2013.

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