ViewGuard® Anti-Glare Hangover Filter

ViewGuard® Anti-Glare Hangover Filters reduce glare while protecting your flat-screen Desktop Display, LCD or Plasma TV from scratches. ViewGuard® Anti-Glare Hangover Filters hang over the top of your flat-screen Desktop Display, LCD or Plasma TV and the anti-glare matte finish reduces glare and reflections caused by natural and artificial lighting. The frameless design and durable hard plastic material make the ViewGuard® Anti-Glare Hangover Filter your best choice to reduce glare and protect your investment.



Anti-Glare Technology

ViewGuard® Anti-Glare Hangover Filters for flat-screen Desktop Displays, LCD and Plasma TVs include an anti-glare matte coating, which reduces glare caused by sunlight and fluorescent lighting. This allows you to use your high-gloss TV in bright settings including office buildings, cafes, parks and near windows. More importantly, glare reduction can help reduce some effects of eye strain caused by spending long hours in front of a TV screen.




ViewGuard® Anti-Glare Hangover Filters for flat-screen Desktop Displays, LCD and Plasma TVs also protect your screen from fingerprints, smudges and scratches. ViewGuard® Anti-Glare Hangover Filters are scratch resistant.





ViewGuard® Anti-Glare Hangover Filters are resistant to fingerprints and smudges, easily wipe away. Fingerprint resistant coating also maintains a vibrant and crystal-clear appearance to maximize clarity and enjoyment of your screen.


Easy-On Easy-Off

ViewGuard® Anti-Glare Hangover Filters for flat-screen Desktop Displays, LCD and Plasma TVs are easily attached and removed without damage to your screen. The ViewGuard® Anti-Glare Hangover Filters hang over the top of your flat-screen Desktop Display, LCD or Plasma TV. The ViewGuard® Anti-Glare Hangover Filter is less than one inch thick and can stay attached at all times.




Value Protection

LCD and Plasma TVs are a large investment for individuals and corporations. A ViewGuard® Anti-Glare Hangover Filters can help preserve your investment and help maintain its resale value when compared to displays with scratches, nicks or scuffs.


Trust ViewGuard®

ViewGuard® Anti-Glare Hangover Filters for flat-screen Desktop Displays, LCD and Plasma TVs are designed and engineered to be best-in-class.


Tinted No
Light Transmission ≥90%
Anti-Glare Yes
Glare Reduction ≥90%
Anti-Ultraviolet Yes
Ultraviolet Reduction ≥99%
Warranty Period One (1) year lifetime limited warranty from date of purchase. Effective after February 1, 2013.

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Great on my Sony LCD TV!
I bought this product for my Sony TV. It works great in my sun room and I can watch the TV now even on sunny day.
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